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I only have a few weeks left here in Scotland. It’s not a understatement to say that my partner, Fayla, and I are dreading the day. We love it here: the rain, the food, the accents, the public transport, and most of all our community! As the saying goes, “people make Glasgow!”

Would you continue to pray for our team here?

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Taken at the University of Glasgow

The World’s Loudest Library

Since moving to Glasgow for the summer, I’ve been spending a lot of time at my local library. I’ve noticed that it is unlike any library I have ever been to– and as a vivacious reader, I have visited a lot!

This library is located directly below the local gym, so patrons of the library will frequently hear medicine balls me crashed into the floor and people pounding away as they run on the treadmill. I always wonder why they didn’t put the library upstairs and the gym downstairs, as it is all part of the same GlasgowLife Center.

In this library, the libraries speak very loudly! It’s not obnoxious, but instead friendly banter. One librarian even sarcastically joked that my flatmate, Fayla, and I needed to be more quiet.

During the week there are various events such as Knit & Natter and Bounce & Rhyme. Instead of hearing people try to keep quiet and librarians saying, “shhh,” there is lots of chatting and singing.

I love the role this library plays in this community. It’s a place where people can gather and speak freely. Libraries are full of new ideas; why shouldn’t those ideas be shared?

Hello and Welcome

Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!

My name is Kate and I am an American university student currently living in Glasgow. I absolutely love it and my life here has inspired me to curate my thoughts and things that I find interesting. Maybe you will find them interesting too.