My Favorite Podcasts

Y’all– since Serial dropped in the fall of 2015 I’ve been a podcast fanatic.

And the truth is, it goes back further than that… Before Serial, I listened to Car Talk on NPR on my car radio while I drove around for an entire hour drinking Starbucks coffee. Car Talk took me back to my Arthur watching days and I still find it hilarious.

There’s just something about the storytelling with the mixed media of voice overs, music, historic recordings, and voice actors that’s addicting.

I like crime podcasts mostly, which many of my friends find particularly creepy. But there’s some fascinating about people disappearing, criminal investigations, and judicial proceeding that gets me interested.

I could probably list a top 20 but I’ll stick to my top 5 for today (besides Serial, the one that started it all):

  1. Up and Vanished- This podcast has been in the news lately because after 12 years there’s been a break in the case of missing teacher Tara Grinstead from a small town in Georgia. I’ve been listening since early on and the host seems like a really easy guy to talk to and get a long with. He really gets people talking and does a good job of researching the case.
  2. Missing Maura Murray- This podcast breaks my heart because for 40+ episodes these guys have been trying to get questions answered about how a young woman could just vanish off of the side of the road after her car breaks down in freezing, rural New Hampshire. The podcast starts off rough (babies crying in the background and traffic noise) but really picks up the pace/gets in the groove quite quickly. I’m left with more questions than I started with but it’s not for lack of trying to get answers.
  3. The Vanished- Each episode is the story of a missing person. I like that the host takes her role very seriously and works to honor each of the missing people individually. If you’re seeing a pattern here it’s because I’ve always been fascinated about how people can just go missing.
  4. Radiolab Presents: More Perfect- This podcast is about the Supreme Court and each episode is meticulously researched. The cases are presented in a way that’s easy to understand and various sides of the arguments are considered. The episode that has stayed with me the longest is the one about the baby adopted and her Native American father fighting for custody (“Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl”).
  5. Stranglers- Find out all you ever wanted to know about the Boston Strangler(s)! This podcast is a little different than the ones listed above in that it uses a fair amount of voice actors. The research is phenomenal and the layout of the entire series is well planned.

Honorary mention (because there are so many good ones out there):

– The Mystery Show- not crime and very light! The host solves mysteries that can’t be solved online.

-Suspect Convictions- from my hometown! Very creepy case about the murder of a 9 year old and the three trials (!!) of the suspect

-Serial- I’m a fan of both seasons 1 and 2 and try not to compare them. 🙂

-My Favorite Murder- I was hesitant to listen at first the hosts just say what everyone is already thinking. And I feel the need to send in my Hometown Murder. Karen and Georgia, can we be friends?

-Generation Why- Excellent questions about some really tough situation.

-Thinking Sideways- It makes me crazy that these guys interrupt each other so much, but they select really interesting mysteries to discuss.

I’m open to any and all suggestions!!

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