Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Review

Mary Kay debuted their ClearProof Charcoal Mask in mid May of 2017 and by mid June, 1 million masks had already been sold? Why? Here are my thoughts on why:

The mask works! the mask uses charcoal to pull out impurities from your pores and remove excess oil. You can see this working because the mask will go on shiny and dark but dry and turn light gray/white as it absorbs oil! It’s fascinating and gross to watch! This is a deep cleanse that minimizes the appearance of pores. Activated charcoal binds to dirt and toxins to bring everything to the surface! Mary Kay also holds a patent for the use of navy bean, which brightens skin!

It’s $24! If you’re like me and like to try lots of products you know that there are lots of expensive masks out there claiming to do various things. The Mary Kay Charcoal Mask comes in a large tube that can be used approximately 30 times. That’s $.80 per application! Depending on your skin type, those with oily skin can use the mask 3 times a week. Those with dry skin should use the mask once a week. You can continue to exfoliate as usual!

The mask easily washes off! No painful/damaging pulling! Your pores aren’t going to get smaller if you’re pulling, ripping, damaging your skin! Simply use a wash cloth to wash off the mask after 20ish minutes. The mask contains no glue! No pain, but plenty to gain from using this mask!

Multi-masking! Mary Kay also offers the TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask to hydrate your skin. This means you can mask specific to your skincare needs! Oily on your T-zone? Use the Charcoal Mask! Dry on your cheeks? Use the Moisture Renewing Gel Mask! I can help you map your skin!

My experience: I first tried the mask at an event at my local Whole Foods! I was masking in public! Talk about some crazy looks! But trying the mask is so fun because everyone can enjoy it (even your hubby!) and everyone is glowing by the end (thank you charcoal and navy bean)! I’m not kidding; the results are immediate because you’re removing impurities as you mask!

When I ordered my mask, I could smell the mask as I approached my front door where it was boxed on my doorstep from UPS! But the SMELL is WONDERFUL! It’s such a clean smell of rosemary, peppermint, and honeysuckle! No harsh smell of chemicals!

I have extremely acne prone skin because of both oily skin and hormonal acne. I actually prefer to use the mask as a spot treatment. I see a spot on my skin that looks like a pimple is forming or a spot where I need to calm the agony, I apply the mask and let it do it’s thing for 20 minutes. I wash off with warm water and immediately or by the next day the pimple has shrunk or is gone!

Want to try it? Let me know!


  1. Natalie Liang · November 30, 2017

    Oh wow, I need to try this!!!


    • kelohman · November 30, 2017

      Hi!! You can easily order at and it will ship straight to you!! Would love for you to try it and share your thoughts!


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