To the Creeper We’ve All Encountered


Dear Creepy Men Everywhere [Creepers],

I’ve had enough of you making me feel awkward just for existing as a female.

We met one of you at a baseball game on Saturday night. You picked up on my sister-in-law’s name and started saying, “Hey Bethany, do you know what the numbers on the scoreboard mean?” You started this conversation randomly, for we hadn’t even noticed you were sitting behind us. Your question wasn’t creepy, it was the fact that you referred to her by name, which you only knew from eavesdropping on our conversations.

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How to Get More Vitamin D


Last November I went for a regular well check with my doctor and my blood work came back showing that everything looked great, except for that I was seriously lacking Vitamin D!

I had no idea why this was the case and what effect it was having on me. Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned but I did buy some Vitamin D3 vitamins at the store and tried to take them at night before bed.

Vitamin D supports: healthy bones and teeth, immune and nervous systems support, regulating insulin, and other health benefits like boosting mood and energy levels.

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